Orlando Live Scan Fingerprinting

Schedule to get your fingerprints done Fast - Easy & Conveniently in Orlando! All you need is your a valid photo ID, agency ORI number and your Social Security Number. Scans Require this.  

Conveniently Located

FDLE Approved Live  Scan Vendor in Orlando

You deserve a process that is Fast, Easy and Convenient! Schedule your Professional background check  get your Live Scan done today!  Same Day Appointments are usually available.


How it Works!  

Photo ID

Bring your current valid Photo ID and your Social Security Card. 

ORI Number

Originating Agency Identifier Number is for Level II Background checks. Typically 9 digits.


771 S. Kirkman Rd. Suite 110  

Kirkman Commerce Center


 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Sat - 10am - 2pm

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Locate: 771 S. Kirkman Rd. , Orlando, Fl, 32811, US

Phone: (407)329-8346 - Phone or Message us! 

Email: fingerprints@blustreet.com      

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