Dedicated to ensuring your Bold Moves Smoothly!

If it pertains to Florida Real Estate, No one handles it better.  We understand all facets of Real Estate!  Each Move is Bold.  From Property Sales to Management, count on our Professional Team to ensure your Bold Moves go Smoothly! 

Blu Street Realty

Your Moves deserve to be executed Smoothly! 

Brokerage Services

Buying, Selling, or Renting we handle it all.  Commercial or Residential our Team is prepared to help you execute your Goals Smoothly.  We take pride in understanding your Unique Needs.  If you are looking for Excellent Execution of your Real Estate, Call Today

Blu Street ACADEMY

Education is a movement from darkness into the light!  Blu Street Academy is well lit to foster an environment of growth and excellence.  Because every case is special, we extract lessons from every aspect of the Real Estate Industry.  Customers, Agents, and Community Members benefit from a wealth of Learning Resources!  Pre Professionals also have access to  Blu Street Academy!

Home Services

Blu Street Home Services is a Network of Local Service Providers who are at your beg and Call.  As an added Benefit of being part of our Community, you get Direct Access to Qualified Local Home Service Pro's to ensure your Home Improvement Project and Routine Maintenance is handled Smoothly!  

The Conversation

Conversation: Nothing Happens at Blu Street without an initial meeting of the Minds.  We Sincerely want to help you!  Therefore a phone call, message chat, or Web based Meeting is Mandatory.  Whatever is comfortable for you...we will do it! Our primary concern is understanding your expectations.  This way, a unique plan is developed.  Ultimately, this conversation is about getting key details to execute your Goals.  

Research and Development

Research and Develop: We mean it when we say, every case is unique.  Your case is no different.  Get more by working with our Team.  Research and Plan Development Plan is done to take the clumps and bumps out of achieving your Goals.  

Meeting of the Minds

Everyone has a voice. You learn exactly what to expect.  All considerations exposed.  We work our tails off to ensure we bring you the Smoothest Options available.  At this meeting of the minds we want you to hire us!  Otherwise, we always part as friends.  Therefore, you're always welcomed to revisit! 

Timely Execution

Time is of the Essence!  Within reason, we allow you to set the pace.  We do the grueling work and you enjoy the accomplishments of making Bold Moves Smoothly! 

Connect with Our Awesome Team

No picture available for now, but when I'm all dapper you can check me out.  For now, feel free to contact me for anything.  

Ron Hamilton

Broker of Record

Hi there!  I'm your supportive cheer personnel.  I hold Blu Street Values by keeping the weeds out of your intentions.  Resilience is my superpower! This means your tough case is softened in my care!  I'm proud of my medical background as a Respiratory Therapist.  This has given me an edge like none other.  Trust me, I will show you how to prioritize and execute your goals.   

Cher Hamilton

Teacher, Agent, Lending Rep

Agent Placement Available.  As a local company we are seeking Special Agents who share our values and work ethic.  We are excited to share anything we know to help you up!  If you want to learn more about what it means to be a Blu Street Agent contact us today!  


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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