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Whether Buying or Selling, Inspections are an integral part of knowing the condition of a property. Before you close Schedule a Home Inspection Pro! Because you deserve to know! Servicing all of Florida!

Real Time Reporting! 

Same Day Report Delivery!  In most cases reports are delivered immediately after completion. 

Self Scheduling 

Select a day and time that is convenient! 

Certified and Insured

Our Inspectors follow all State and National guidelines. 

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About Us

Mechanical Contractor Inspecting for you!

Blu Street Home Inspection is lead and overseen by an in house Mechanical Contractor. This means the you can rely on our team to deliver at a high level.  Our Mechanical Contractor brings over 20 years of knowledge. We believe, it make sense to hire an Inspector who understands the tell - tell signs of Mechanical  issues. Beyond sight findings, our team is qualified to diagnose and explain the meaning of findings for you. 

Residential & Buildings

Health & Safety

You deserve a place that is compliant with local Health & Safety Codes.  All of our Inspections follow State & Local County recommendations for Health Safety.  

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Exterior Structure

Air tight and done right, is how our Team is trained to check. Exterior Structures including windows, doors, gutters and driveways all part of our Standard Report when we inspect. 

Roof & Interior

We break out all the gadgets to get views, snap shoots for you.  Expect your completed report to include general and specific findings.

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Complete & Professional 

We understand our Inspections are important.  That's why our Inspections are always Professional.  That means whether it is used for Insurance purposes, or your peace of mind, you can rely on a detailed report that provides a comprehensive overview of the subject property.  


What standards do you follow?

 All Blu Street Inspectors follow ASHI standards.  All inspectors have been educated and passed the ASHI exam.  We do not mandate our home inspectors pay monthly membership dues to prove professionalism.  However, we follow local State and National Standards of Home Inspections.  

What is your process?

1. Using our secure webpage, all customers Self Schedule & pay for their Home Inspection.   

2. After your request, a Certified Home Inspector shows up and the Inspection takes approximately 2-4 hours. 

3.  Same Day Inspection Report Delivered.

What type of experience does your team have?

Our Lead Inspector is also a  Florida Mechanical Contractors with over 20 years of experience.  Mechanical Contractors are highly skilled in various systems, mainly: HVAC(Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation), electrical, plumbing etc.  Although Florida Law prohibits our Inspectors from repairing issues, our team is highly capable of uncovering the sneakiest issues.  

What type of Inspection Report do you provide?

For Residential Properties or Commerical Buildings, our reports are simple and easy to follow and you get it immediately.  As soon as your Inspector is done, your report is delivered via email.  Photos obtained are included at no extra costs. 

Do you offer repair services?

While this may be legal throughout the country, Florida does not allow home inspectors to repair work from issues found on Home Inspections.  This reduces conflict of interest.

However, as a Mechanical Contracting Company we can identify, diagnose and recommend remedy for various Mechanical systems, with an emphasis on Air Conditioning, electrical, and plumbing.

How much?

For properties less than 2,000 sq.ft. our Inspections start at $450.00. 

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